8 May 2024

This website is almost finished - it's been a vast undertaking, deep-diving through archives of thousands of images, making galleries, picking out colors.,, It's been delightful and difficult and necessary, and my neck hurts from sitting in front of the computer too much, lol.

I want this journal to be about life. Weddings are a part of it. So are trees. I have taken innumerable photos of groups of trees, from journeys all over the world, to the eucalyptus forest that grows just beyond our fence. So you won't always see weddings, though there will be plenty of that. You won't always see families, though there will be plenty of that too.

I hope you'll stop by here often so we can trek through the beautiful mess of life together (and weddings and families and trees), and all the things and ways we celebrate that make the world a richer place. xoxo