B O O K S  &  B O X E S

As a photographer, much of my time is spent on a computer, working within the digital landscape, but books are my whole heart. Having the opportunity to collaborate with my clients to create the most personal, meaningful, bespoke analog pieces is what I live for. Priscilla Foster Handmade, my partner in all-things-books, custom-makes these exquisite masterpieces at her bindery in Vermont - it is a place of dreams.

From Priscilla : "I think that these things we create are not just things but rather small acts of love that allow us all to be who we ultimately need to be with hearts aligned. I am a custom bookbinder and my heart aches for projects that are more than photos sandwiched between two covers. A whole story is what I seek to tell through my head, my heart, and my hands.”

A  B O O K  F O R  W I L L O W

Created for the brilliant poet Elizabeth Metzger and her husband, musician Dan Attansio, the book contains a series of photo shoots documenting her pregnancy and the advent of their daughter Willow.

The covers are made from an earthy green velvet, and custom-embroidered with namesake branches.

The pages are glicee-printed on photo-rag paper, interleaved with vellum, and bound together with hand-sewn signatures. Three of the interleaves are printed with poems that Elizabeth wrote for Willow, creating chapters to demarcate each shoot.

The presentation box was designed with a cutout surrounded by three embroidered birds that fly on the wall in Willow’s room to signify her parents (below) and her older brother (above). The window reveals the willow branch detail on the album’s cover. A bronzed metal tree branch handle opens a keepsake drawer below.

The box fabric color was inspired by a stand of golden willows that lined a creek outside of Priscilla’s Bozeman home, but the only mill that made this color of Italian silk was shuttered due to Covid, so we waited. Compromise wasn’t an option and we were graciously granted the time needed to create the suite that we’d been dreaming of.

A  W E D D I N G  A L B U M

Artist, designer, and philanthropist Nats Getty, whose heart is as deep as the ocean, did all of the illustration and typography adorning this book with his own hands, and closely collaborated with us to create this piece as a surprise gift for his wife Gigi Gorgeous.

Priscilla laser-etched and hand-leafed the hearts that adorn the album’s Italian leather slipcase in 24 carat gold. The hearts were originally created for their wedding dance floor by Nats using his signature spraypaint medium.

The gold foil-stamped dies on the crimson silk velvet album cover, vellum front and back flyleaves, and the custom-printed endpapers were made from Nats' own writing, and were originally used as a series of cocktail napkins for their wedding.

S O N I A  &  B E N ' S  P R O O F B O X

A Proof Box For A Speakeasy-Themed Wedding Reception

In creating Sonia And Ben’s proof box, not a stone was left unturned. We used the illustrations from their gorgeous invitations to have custom fabric made to cover the box. As another nod to the invitations, Priscilla hand-cut a keyhole on the box lid, and came up with the most perfect brass key thumb drive for their digital files. Add to that, an insane laser cut, key shaped, lined-in-silk spot for the drive to rest inside.

Truly, a box should never be...just a box...

S U R R E A L  A T  6 0  P R O O F B O X

A party for the ages. A grand Surrealist Ball was held in honor of my client’s 60th birthday at the Jonathan Club in Downtown LA.

The outside of the box is covered in crimson silk, imprinted in gold foil with a custom-made “60” stamp from the event‘s invitation art. The inside of the box is lined with custom fabric that was made from surrealist-inspired iconagraphy that the planner, Marc Friedland Couture, created to wallpaper a “room” to display the guests’ escort cards. 

A  W O O D L A N D  P R O O F BO X

Marisa and Jonathan love the forest (and Louboutin shoes).

This embroidered fabric from Priscilla’s vast archive was just perfect to hold the proof prints of all of their final wedding images...

T H E  B I N D E R Y